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Guangdong Jindi Law Firm was called Shenzhen Financial Real Estate Law Firm in 1985. Jindi Law Firm is a leading law firm in Shenzhen, providing comprehensive legal solutions to foreign and Chinese clients.

We are faithful to our clients. Our ultimate goal is to provide high quality legal service with honest attitude.

We value teamwork. As a fully integrated partnership, cooperation and mutual support is our team pattern.

We deliver professional solutions. Specialization and profession in practice areas ensures that we offer not only comprehensive legal analysis but also professional business solutions appropriate to our client’s specific situation.

We are committed to excellence. We strive for perfection in what we offer and are never complacent with our achievements.

Over the years, the firm has almost exclusively recruited and hired graduates of prestigious law schools in China and abroad, many of whom have brilliant practice experience. Huang Xiongkun director graduated form level 77 law school of Beijing University. Senior partner Chen Ye has been worked as chairman in Shenzhen Lawyer Association from the first to the third period. Senior partner Zhang Linghan was Shenzhen legal office director and National People’s Congress Commission of Legislative Affairs director. He is widely recognized as Shenzhen legislation founder. Honorary partner Li Jianxin was Shenzhen city planning and land and resources bureau law office’s chief, and recognized as Shenzhen planning of land legislation founder. Senior partners Luo Chongming, Gu Jiayang, Wang Lan, Zhang Nan, Zhang Tao, Liu Yijia all gather outstanding experiences during their decades’ practice and trusted by clients.

The breadth of Jindi Law Firm lawyers' expertise is reflected in the scope of our practice, whether in our traditional strengths of real estate, finance, company, security and dispute resolution, or in our leading position in the rising areas of intellectual property protection, bankruptcy and restructuring, government legal service and corporate compliance. Over the years, Jindi Law Firm has earned an outstanding reputation both in China and abroad.

  • Events:
  • 1995, was awarded as first batch “securities legal service qualification” law firm by Judiciary and China Securities Regulatory Commission;
  • 2000, was awarded as first batch “foreign securities legal service qualification” law firm by Judiciary and China Securities Regulatory Commission;
  • 2002, set up Sichuang branch;
  • 2007, was awarded as first batch “enterprise bankruptcy case manager qualification” law firm;
  • 2011, be the Shenzhen government assigned legal service counsel;
  • 2011, be the Shenzhen Labor Union assigned legal assistant law firm;
  • 2013, was awarded as “enterprise bankruptcy case manager qualification” law firm again
  • Clients:
    Government departments, public institution and large state-owned enterprises
  • 1. Shenzhen Land Resources and Real Estate Authority
  • 2. Shenzhen Land Resources and Real Estate Authority Baoan branch
  • 3. Shenzhen Land Resources and Real Estate Authority Longhua branch
  • 4. Shenzhen Land Real Estate Trading Center
  • 5. Shenzhen Labor Union
  • 6. Shenzhen Kylin Mountain Sanatorium
  • 7. China’s Youth League Chengdu Commission
  • 8. China Mobile Communications Corporation Shenzhen branch
  • 9. China East, Cinda and Huarong Assets Management Corporation Chengdu branch
  • 10. China Great Wall Assets Management Corporation Shenzhen and Chengdu branches
  • 11. Agricultural Bank of China Huizhou branch
  • 12. Agricultural Bank of China Shenzhen branch
  • 13. Bank of Communication Shenzhen branch
  • 14. Sichuang Investment Group Limited
  • 15. Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Shenzhen institute
  • 16. Shenzhen Urban Construction Group
  • 17. Lenovo
  • 18. Shenzhen Jiemei Petrochemical Energy Limited
  • 19. Shenzhen Great Wall Real Estate (Group) Co. Ltd
  • 20. CHINA Construction First Division (Group) Co. Ltd
  • 21. Shenzhen Zhonghai Construction Limited
  • 22. China State Construction Engineering Corporation
  • 23. Shenzhen Sanjiu Tourism and Hotel c. Ltd
  • 24. China News Development Shenzhen Corporation
  • 25. China Information Technology Security Co. Ltd
  • 26. China Southern Railway Investment Development Co. Ltd Shenzhen line 5 branch
  • Overseas-funded enterprise and large private enterprises
  • 1. Microsoft Company Limited
  • 2. Schlumberger Limited
  • 3. Citigroup Global Markets Asia Limited
  • 4. Standard Chartered Shenzhen branch
  • 5. Epson (China) Limited
  • 6. Matsushita National (Shenzhen) Limited
  • 7. China Travel Service (Group) Limited
  • 8. Carrefour Supermarket (China) Limited
  • 9. AEON Jusco
  • 10. Lafarge Shui On Cement Limited
  • 11. Shenzhen International Enterprise Co. Ltd
  • 12. Shenzhen Catic Wellness Co.Ltd and its branches
  • 13. SICHUAN SHUANGMA Cement Co. Ltd
  • 14. Kaisa Group (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd
  • 15. Shenzhen China International Travel Service Co. Ltd
  • 16. Shenzhen Telling Mobile Co. Ltd
  • 17. New Asia Industrial Development Co. Ltd
  • 18. Hon Kwok Land Investment Limited
  • 19. Silver Grant International Industries Limited
  • Jindi Law Firm Rooted in Shenzhen 28 years, always adhere to the integrity of practice!
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